MS Delta Ducks - Duck Report #3

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MS Delta Ducks - Duck Report #3

Postby MSDeltaDucks » Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:37 pm

Duck Report as of November 26, 2012

MS Delta Ducks Season hunt program is off to a favorable start. Friday was a balmy morning with a temperature of 53 Degrees Fahrenheit at sunrise. Saturday and Sunday brought more favorable duck hunting temperatures of 28 Degrees Fahrenheit and 27 Degrees Fahrenheit respectively. Ten species of waterfowl were harvested. The game haulers boasted canvasback, gadwall, greenwing teal, mallards, northern shovelers, pintail, redheads, ring neck, specklebelly geese, and wood ducks. One band was collected (specklebelly) by the Turkey Bayou Hunt Group who had two greenwing teal, two northern shovelers, seven mallards, and two specks in their bags on opening morning. Not a bad start! Very impressed that the Duck Dusters' wives chose to be in the blind with the guys instead of at the mall. They had a good shoot which included a redhead and a canvasback. Worthy beginning toward the MS Delta Ducks Grand Slam. Speaking of which, Joel bagged his first duck (northern shoveler) while hunting with his group and Britt Goodman in the Lake Henry Backwater Slough. The Sidon Shovelers began with a bang, collecting three limits (gadwall, greenwing teal, and northern shovelers) at Rattlesnake Bayou Grain. The Fowl Mouth Retrievers did an outstanding job of hunting the outlying areas, stacking up gadwall and teal in Hawkins Brake and Lake Henry Backwater Slough. Brake hunts on opening weekend met predictions as groups of gadwall and teal appeared suddenly. The woodies made appearances also with Field Staff Emeritus, Nash Evans, missing one at ten yards out in Hawkins Brake (MS Delta Dog Wake had to cover his eyes in shame). The overall quality of birds was better than last season (larger percentage of big ducks), and the numbers were an almost perfect match to 2011-2012. We had fewer hunters in the blinds than in 2011-2012.

Opening weekend duck harvest was 661 ducks

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