Crested floating heart- do ducks eat or not?

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Crested floating heart- do ducks eat or not?

Postby bigsprig » Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:07 am

OK, it seems grass carp will not eat crested floating heart (see below).

"Currently, no known insect herbivores specifically feed on this species. Additionally, grass carp (Ctenophryngodon idella), the weed-eating fish used for biological control of many aquatic weeds, have also proven to be ineffective in controlling crested floating heart. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has reported winter lake level draw downs of Lake Marion, which expose the plants to drying and freezing, have failed as a means of control. Mechanical harvesting is also reported to be ineffective in the native range of the plant. Because of crested floating heart's fast, aggressive growth and vegetative spread, chemical control is likely to be the best way to control infestations and remove new colonies. Various forms and combinations of herbicides have been used but with no long-term success."

But has anybody seen evidence of ducks feeding on this plant? Seems similar to other lillies that ducks (ringnecks, etc) like to feed on. Since grass carp will not eat, we need to protest all the restocking of carp in future.

Would much rather have hydrilla which ducks love than crested floating heart if they will not eat.
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Re: Crested floating heart- do ducks eat or not?

Postby Stump Jumper #1 » Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:06 pm

Ducks don't eat it! Its going to be really hard to get rid of. Santee Cooper is the one to blame for getting rid of the hydrilla. When we had it we had lot's of ducks and lots of good fishing! DNR keeps dumping 1000's of those damn carp in the lake. Its time for them to stop. But this is nothing new. We have been complaining for years. Going to be interesting on how they get
rid of the crested heart and water hyacinth.
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Re: Crested floating heart- do ducks eat or not?

Postby wanapasaki » Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:09 pm

I hate when DFG steps in. It seems like much of the time that they do, they never consider the adverse effects
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