questions about black cloud

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Re: questions about black cloud

Postby WarbirdWaterfowl » Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:44 pm

I shoot hevi-metal and xperts. Pattern master makes the difference on killing the birds.
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Re: questions about black cloud

Postby killinhiflyers » Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:23 am

I only use Hyper Sonic. They were the best to pattern in my gun as will as the distance you are able to shoot. The ads are correct that is does lessen your lead a lot. If there is a cripple bird on the water you are able to reach out and make a quick kill. As far as black clouds go I used them the first year they were introduced and loved them for patterning a gun, but the different pellets fly at different speeds which means that your shoot stream is off. And I also agree that they are a very dirty shell. You have to clean your gun after every hunt with black clouds. Shoot hyper sonic and you'll kill more ducks.
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Re: questions about black cloud

Postby aclumpkin » Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:10 am

TooTall wrote:I have a buddy that knows a lot about ballistics, etc. He bought a box to try it out a couple years ago. From what he could tell compared to other steel and other federal loads, he was impressed. His conclusion was that the wad was likely the difference maker. It keeps its form and pulls away from the shot rather than peeling back. The shape of the shot had little impact, if any it was negative. The more round a shot pellet is, the better from a ballistic view point.

Is it worth the money? He decided no. He shot the black clouds one day and I shot cheap winchesters. His response, "Winchesters kill them just as dead."

I absolutely agree about the wad in BC. I shoot BC mainly because it patterns extremely well out of my Beretta. I do notice that I have some random pellet movement at longer ranges and although I have no proof of it, I think it might be those flight stopper pellets. I really wish that I could get a BC shell with just premium steel in it.

I do agree though about is it worth the money, no. If you pattern Kents and they pattern wonderfully for you and they are cheaper, I see no read to go to BC just because of the wad or the flight stopper pellets.
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