pro-gun rally

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pro-gun rally

Postby duck501 » Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:26 pm

Some of you know this already, some of you don't. On Jan 19th, 2013 at
12:00PM, there is a call out nationwide for a pro-gun rally at all state capitols
nationwide. This is to draw attention to our 2nd amendment rights and show
the politicians that we will not succumb to the relinquishing of our guns. At
the dinner Saturday night our guest speaker laid it out for the gun owners in
Colorado. He had spent some time that day with a state rep and was told the
people in our state congress want your guns. This is separate from the federal
gun ban they are bringing to us.
We need everyone to attend that can to show our strength, in numbers. They
want to ban all AR's, high cap mags, guns that hold high cap mags, bullet
allowance, and if you are able to buy a gun, you pay 100% of background
check fees as determined by the state. What happens if you are caught with
banned items? Of course you will be welcomed into the world of felons and not
able to own another gun. You can sit on your ass and not get involved but
don't complain if these laws pass and you did nothing.
We need five (5) democrat votes to overturn this or they will win, make no
mistake about it. Right now we don't even have one, the democrats control our
congress in Colorado and they need to see that we are more than just a couple
of gun owners.
I know, we have matches to shoot but if they get what they want you will be
lucky to shoot a match. Everyone on here, send this out to anyone you can
think of. This is being organized by several gun groups. If you want a copy of
the mission statement call or send me an email. This has to be well organized,
with no violence, name calling, etc, it must be professional.
"Gun Control = More Crime"
"Guns Across America
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