Pay back time

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Pay back time

Postby 870 » Tue Jan 22, 2013 5:29 pm

Do you guys have people where you work that have to have whatever it is you have? We have two of these guys where I work; these guys will push to get to the front of the line no mater what.

Well today a friend of mine walks into the break room with some jerky asking if anybody wants some. Sure enough these two throw up their hands and he walks over to them by passing us and gives them a piece.

They start to chow down and the guy walks to us busting up. I look and in his hand I see what looks to be chicken jerky,,, Yup what you feed to dogs They have no idea until he turns and tells them. By this time I’m seconds from wetting myself, we rush out in tears. Their gagging and spitting, but it’s too late. All the other guys come over and ask what’s up, we tell them, their busting up and then the ball busting began. You can just imagine it got bad, we busted on them for the rest of the day. I don’t expect to see them as pushy as they were.
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Re: Pay back time

Postby toolmaker » Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:00 pm

id nevber do that.....we have a company of ninies

I was helping a guy and my phone rang.. I asked him to go answer it while i was cutting his part, he hesitated, I said...quick answer the phone before they hang up....he hesitates right at the phone , just looking at it..i rush over and it stops right as i reach for it..

I said "jees why didnt you answer the phone? what, are you stupid"

almost got fired..
got a written warning.
EVERYONE has emotional FEELINGS.....cant hurt them...this guy was spanish speaking south american..

and he speaks with all his fellow south americans in the break room and lunch in spanish 100% of the time.. and since I know a little spanish i know they are making fun of people, and belittleing, and using bad language.

thats OK...

but say somethign wrong in english...and you might get fired

soooo no way am i going to give a guy some dog treat, id end up getting fired when he cried like a baby in personel.

total BS.

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