The Battle to get 1 of our Very own at the Table

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The Battle to get 1 of our Very own at the Table

Postby feathhd » Sun Feb 03, 2013 5:49 pm

Mo. Valley Waterfowlers continues to push for Support to have one of our very own IDNR Fish & Wildlife Division Biologist appointed to MRRIC, MRERP. We continue to engage in the process and fight for our resources, however more support is needed folks and we can't get this done without YOUR HELP.

166,750k acres of recreational Trapping, fishing, hunting, hiking boating, camping is on the line here not to mention millions that has been allocated for the restoration process.

Here is our point: 166,750 acres of conservation easements are going to happen and if WE do Not have our IDNR Fish & Wildlife Division at the table representing our Natural Resource interests and development opportunities to expand our opportunities, then WHO is at the table Representing Iowa's Sportsmen & Women s recreational interests? None

That means other basin states will get those 166,750 Conservation easement acres along with most of the money that has been made available. What Iowa will get is the crumbs that fall out of the cracks in the bottom of the barrel and we will have missed a huge opportunity to put more habitat back on the landscape. We might as well just take money out of our pockets and give it to other states so they can also obtain the bulk of said acres and said conservation easement revenues.

But there is Something you can do. Make sure to pass it along to your friends and family and ask that they to lend a little help in the effort.

Here is a list of legislative contacts that we ask that you e mail, Requesting that they seek to appoint an IDNR Fish & Wildlife Division Biologist to MRRIC ( Mo. River Restoration Implementation Committee ) & MRERP (Missouri River Ecosystem Restoration Plan Committee)

(S) senator - (R) representative

1) (S)
2) (S) ****
3) (R)
4) (S)
5) (R)

NRC Members

Send all NRC members an e mail requesting that they send a letter to the Governor Requesting that an IDNR Fish & Wildlife Division Biologist be appointed to both committees to represent the Interest of Iowa Natural resources and Sportsmen.

This is the largest Restoration & Recovery Project in the State of Iowa, well it could be but since we don't have our IDNR Fish & Wildlife at any of the committee tables representing our Natural Resource Interest, well that opportunity is given to other states. Stand Up folks and lets protect our Interests here as Iowa Sportsmen. It is just that simple.
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Re: The Battle to get 1 of our Very own at the Table

Postby LETEMWORK21 » Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:01 pm

I feel ya
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