Snow Geese - Little Help?

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Snow Geese - Little Help?

Postby Vintage Blaster » Tue Feb 12, 2013 4:17 pm

I've been living here many years and have never been goose hunting in Utah. It's that I don't have many hunting friends. I work managing a team of tech geeks and basically they just aren't hunters. In fact for years I've worked in a field that just doesn't have many hunters. I was in the Navy years ago and am now retired. Back then, everyone I worked with had some type of outdoors activity so I enjoyed hunting with many friends thru the years.

To the point:
Is then snow goose hunt that is coming up in a week or so any good in Utah?
Is there any public land to hunt up north where a guy would have a chance getting any? Anyone got a line on a good place?

Is there anyone out there on the forum that is going that wouldn't mind an extra guy on the group?

I'm looking to learn the ropes on goose hunting in Utah and need some help. What kind of gear would I need. I have hunting clothes and a shotgun. Do you use a layout blind?

If there is anyone who would like to chime in with some advice, places to go, or would just like a hunting buddy, please respond.

I'm 55 and have hunted ducks and a couple geese years ago. I've shot hundreds of pheasants and doves in my day. I'm a pretty fun character :) I'm also looking to learn something about turkey hunting too if you are into that, but right now, I'm hoping to shoot a snow goose this year. One would trip my trigger.

Ok, I've put this out there. Thanks in advance if you respond.

Vintage Blaster
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