Laws Affecting Maryland Hunters

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Laws Affecting Maryland Hunters

Postby dcducks1 » Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:12 am

All Marylanders,

Please look at the below email that I received from a fellow waterfowler. The web address takes you to a website that shows a proposed bill that could have serious land impacts for all hunters. Please read it and contact your state representatives to voice your concern. It is easy and simple to contact them and you do not need to leave a lenghty email. Just a quick, courteous statement of your concerns. Thanks


Have you seen this Bill?

Hunting - Schools - Expanded Safety Zone ... &ys=2013RS

Sponsored by the President of the Senate.

It does not define a dsitance limit to a building, just to a school public or private. So any school that borders private land or public water could have a larger and unecessary buffer zone that reduces our area to hunt. It can be interepreted that the "School" zone starts at the outer edge of the school property.

This puts nearly a 1/4 mile buffer around the edge of any school vice the 150 today. Hunters in MD have been safely using the 150 yard buffer for years.

The definition of school is open to intepretation. If I owned water front and I wanted to keep those pesky duck hunters away I could establish a "private school" for anything on my property. BAM! instant 500 yard buffer.

Daycare "pre-school" goes into next to St Marys River State park, instant 500 yard buffer into the hunting land.

The limited hunting land at the Elms and Greenwell state will shrink to all hunters. Riding "school" at Greenwell, environmental education center at the ELMS. St Marys college shoreline- no hunting, Ryken HS shoreline, no hunting. Private fields around Choptocon high school or Piney Point elementary school

I have never seen any shot used for waterfowl or small game travel beyond 150 yards. I could understand a large limit for rifle huntng but not for shotgun. Or a restriction that states no shooting "toward" the occupied school buildings with a distance restriction applied.

If you own or have access to private land the useable hunting area can shrink overnight and without your knowledge based on what the neighbor decides to claim as a school.

Target shooting will be next. No firing within 500 Yards of a school public or private.

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