Changes for 2013 Waterfowl Season

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Changes for 2013 Waterfowl Season

Postby feathhd » Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:34 am

Well, from what I seen last night a good number of duck hunters suggested taking 3 days off the early season and putting that to the end of the second segment which would for the 1st time Open the second segment on a Weekend and Close on a Weekend giving duck hunters an added weekend to finish out the season strong. I think its a good move and in some ways compensation for those Supporters of a 3rd zone that got shafted and I think giving duck hunters that added weekend at the end will make a difference in participation as most or the majority of waterfowlers have a 9 to 5 job and miss out on those last 3 days that would traditionally close during the week.

However I will say this. For ALL Duck Hunters who wish to see that Happen, you have to mark your calender for Aprils NRC meeting and show up and advocate for those 3 days and explain why its a good shift.

Keep in mind it is only 1 year / season and if Iowa obtains those 5 to 9 Teal Only season days changes will certainly be discussed anyway in 2014 as to how best apply those days to structure a season and the use of the split. Will be a vital tool to have if we are faced with Moderate or Restrictive season structures.

Anyway from what many of us know, taking 3 days away from the North Zone early season isn't going to happen at least Not under the present limitations ( No Teal Only Season ) The highest probability for success in moving 3 from the early season is the remaining 2 zones. The South Zone & Mo. River Zone.

As stated south zone duck hunters would pick up and Extra Weekend and the Mo. River Zone would pick up the Christmas Holiday period where a lot of folks come back home for the holidays and could hunt with friends and family.

Another thing that Stu Maas brought up and I think is very valid and I know I never thought about it or asked. But many of Iowa farmers love to waterfowl hunt ( Duck Hunt ) They miss a great deal of the early portion of the season due to Picking beans in October and early November most times, then from that point its balls to the walls finishing up corn which puts them dang near to the end of November and then they are out doing field work and really don't get an opportunity to hunt ducks until December why they are out trying to shoot geese in a lot of cases. I think by having that added weekend at the end will certainly improve a lot of participation and give a lot more guys the opportunity to finish out the season strong.

Like I said, Hope to see you all at Aprils NRC meeting.

God Bless and Keep Your Powder Dry.
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