Voluntary Migratory Habitat Initiative

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Voluntary Migratory Habitat Initiative

Postby feathhd » Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:33 am

Voluntary Migratory Habitat Initiative ( Just an Idea )

What is your thoughts on this?

Iowa $30 Voluntary Purchase State Duck Stamp / Program ( VSDP) acronym

Right Now our State Migratory Stamp cost us $10 bucks and there isn't really No way to make an Mandatory purchase that includes a Hike in the price so this leads me to the above thought.

The V $30 purchase would generate an extra $20.

My thoughts on how we should break the $20 dollars down into supporting and expanding our Hunting and habitat objectives out on the Iowa landscape to improve, increase our Migration attraction, holding capacity and waterfowl hunting opportunities.

1: $10 should go to Support Well inspections/ improvements on All facilities that depend on wells & pumping to manage migratory habitat and provide Migratory Hunting opportunities for Duck Hunters, so that WE can effectively provide Duck Hunters & Ducks with the water that is needed During the waterfowl season consistently. This revenue stream should and shall only be used in combination or alone for the purpose of better Water Management capabilities that are directly linked to providing adequate conditions and hunting opportunities for ducks and duck hunters. This specific Fund should set idle in 3 year cycles to accumulate the necessary resources to complete the project or projects. This to include a back up Well that is deeper than existing well holes and used as a 100% ready stand by well if other wells have maintenance problems or capacity limitations due to extreme drought conditions.

( ?Did I forget anything that should be added to the above? It has to be directly related to Well & Pumping Abilities ?)

2: $5 should go to directly Support Enhanced / Improved Migratory Moist Soil Management on Waterfowl Hunting Facilities. This fund should set idle for a cycle of 3 years to accumulate the resources needed to complete said projects that improve migratory Habitat and Enhanced Migratory Waterfowl Hunting Opportunities.

( ? Did I forget anything that should be added to the above? It has to be directly related to Moist Soil Migratory Habitat? )

3: $5 should go directly to Supporting a Temporary Migratory Habitat Initiative that improves, enhances and provides migratory habitat and Migratory Public Hunting opportunities on the Iowa private landscape. This to include providing an incentive structure that Pays producers / farmers who have the capacity to pump water from existing pivot irrigation Well systems to seasonally pump water on 1 to 30 acres of Crop residual where possible and only subject to Willing Participants. It is further a suggestion that said enrolled acres at the minimum be 5 year agreements. 4 to 12" of water on Fall crop residual. Key areas of interest should be High Waterfowl uses areas or around existing state and federal waterfowl hunting areas. This fund should directly set idle for a cycle of 3 years and applied until all revenues are exhausted.

( ? Did I forget anything that should be added to the above? It has to be directly related to Temporary Migratory Habitat on the Private Landscape? )
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