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Postby wcgobbler » Tue May 14, 2013 11:52 am

I have 2 small ponds on 230 acres of timber that the woodies like pretty good. One is a beaver pond that is pretty shallow around the edges. I have rigged a way to slightly regulate the water level. What is something I can plant around the edges and it the bare spots in the shallows once the drier weather gets here THAT THE DEER WON'T EAT? Also, the other pond is a man-made 1/2 acre that is approx 8' deep in deepest part. I can drain it down to just about bone dry. What is something I can plant for deeper water THAT THE DEER WON'T EAT? I've never planted anything for ducks, and I've read that deer in south MS WILL eat Japanese millet, and I am over-run with deer. Just wondering if any of you could recommend something the deer won't destroy before duck deason.

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