Record pollution levels in Iowa's Waters

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Record pollution levels in Iowa's Waters

Postby feathhd » Wed May 15, 2013 4:45 pm

Your action is needed now!

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Record water pollution levels demand action now

[Conservation action is needed now.]

Record pollution levels? It's time to get serious about clean water in SF435.

Take action! ... YS5vcmc%3d

This week, record nitrate levels in Iowa rivers have driven Iowa's need for
cleaner water into the headlines. Now, we need your help to ensure legislators
do not miss their chance to take clean water action in the final days of the
legislative session.

We have heard from the statehouse that final budget decisions are being made
now. We all need to lend our voices in support of clean water
now. ... l3bGEub3Jn

What is so urgent about this problem? As nitrogen levels set new records in
rivers where tens of thousands of Iowans' drinking water comes from, legislators
are hearing from well-financed special interests who say this is all no big
deal. They attribute high levels to mother nature, saying the levels are due to
a dry fall and rainy spring.

That is not the whole story. Additional conservation practices on Iowa's
landscape can build the land's ability to filter and protect clean water.
Iowans support effective conservation action that is transparent and
accountable. Iowans want adequate enforcement of current laws. But will our
elected officials deliver?

We must give our elected officials our permission to take action to protect
Iowa's waters. Now is the time to support meaningful, responsible
action. ... l3bGEub3Jn

We once said "clean water for Iowa is not a dream, and it is not a joke. It is
a real goal we can achieve together." It will be hard work. It will require us
to reach out and work together in new ways. And we should start now.

[Act Now] ... 6525665126

P.S. High nitrate levels affecting Des Moines water treatment have made
headlines, but other rivers are affected too. We're tracking nitrate reports on
our blog. ... l3bGEub3Jn

We will keep this alert open and available final budget decisions are announced.
A vote could come suddenly and soon, so please take action now.


Visit our website, ... YS5vcmc%3d
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