2013 Merriam Jake for this season

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2013 Merriam Jake for this season

Postby RockyMtnGobblers » Wed Jun 05, 2013 3:18 pm

I had a good season but was not able to get out much, I called to 3-4 gobblers none where interested and my last weekend out I had 7 Jakes surprise me one day but not spook, that day I tried and tried to get close to a long beard but he only gobbled so I would come to him and so now I know where he or others may be the next day or next season.

So Friday I set up at o dark thirty in the same area he was in just after sunrise, with him on private property and me about 100 or so yards away. He did the same thing friday as Thursday so I figured he would be in the same clearing that evening too. Part of what may have made him leave was I saw two guys within a 100 yards of my decoys planning where to get him and they headed right for the private property fence. I'm sure they where going to try to poach him, they never saw me waiving so I had to say HEY and the gobbler left a few min. later so who knows. I do know that those guys sat on a hill with no chance of getting a bird for more than two hrs. started down saw me and went back up, it seamed as though they where waiting for me to leave so they could cross the fence.
At about 9:30 am 7 or so Jakes came into the clearing on a trail about 50 ft. from me with a few hens, I was only videoing them and waiting for my long beard, they came by 3 times spooked and ran back to the trail milling around 50 ft. from me.
I decided this was my last trip this season and decided to take the Jake with the longest beard.
I don't think the long beard was going to come in to me that morning anyway and I'm happy the way things went and even more important I learned a lot about this area!
Beard 3 1/8 inches
No spurs

2013 Merriam Jake
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Re: 2013 Merriam Jake for this season

Postby pete/pmr » Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:15 pm

It is all about the fun of being out there and hearing the birds gobble, interacting with that and hearing them respond! It is the most exciting hunting , and it never gets old!

Congrats on the bird!
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Re: 2013 Merriam Jake for this season

Postby duckman27 » Sat Jun 08, 2013 10:53 pm

Mountain, Foothills or Plains bird?
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