Farm Bill Debate in the House this WEEK: Urgent

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Farm Bill Debate in the House this WEEK: Urgent

Postby feathhd » Wed Jun 19, 2013 6:01 pm

All Tax Payers of the US should Take Action to make sure that in return for federal crop insurance support ( Your Tax Dollars) Crop Subsidies ( Your Tax Dollars) Ethinal Subsidies ( Your Tax Dollars ) that you the Tax payer egt something in Return for your tax dollars and that is that ALL should be Conservation compliant out on the landscape before they get 1 red penny of Your Tax Dollar Support. By not being conservation compliant most of what goes on today out on the landscape in the name of Corporate AG continues to contribute to massive Environmental nightmares such as more frequent flooding, more highly contaminated waterways by Non point source ( Nitrates) entering our waterways & lakes from said direct lateral run off from heavy rain events, The ever growing Dead Zone in the Gulf Coast. The point, even these disasters as big as they are every year, they continue to grow bigger and more expensive than the previous years. Who picks up the tab for these Environmental clean ups?


With your Support we can hold those accountable out on the landscape. Support Conservation Compliance with in this farm Bill as part of the Federal Crop Insurance Program.

The U.S. House of Representatives will debate the 2013 Farm Bill this week, and there will be votes on key Izaak Walton League priorities, including reconnecting common sense conservation standards with crop insurance. Your U.S. Representative needs to hear from you today in support of the Thompson-Fortenberry conservation compliance amendment, which will conserve soils, wetlands, and wildlife habitat and reduce polluted runoff flowing to our rivers, lakes, and streams.

The Senate Farm Bill re-establishes the linkage between crop insurance and conservation compliance. Conservation compliance has put conservation practices on 140 million acres of farmland, saving 296 million acres of topsoil annually and preventing the loss of up to 3.3 million acres of wetlands. Let your Representative know that it is imperative that we restore the conservation compact between farmers and taxpayers embodied in conservation compliance.

Please contact your Representative today and urge him or her to vote for the Thompson-Fortenberry conservation compliance amendment and the Farm Bill as well. Thank you.

Take Action NOW!
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