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Postby decoycarver » Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:20 am

Well I've had enough, while in Wal-Mart yesterday shopping for groceries, and this is not believe me the first time either..there was a woman and her husband, shopping in the food areas, and in the cart was their dog on a pillow-a long haired small ankle- biting dog--the German hotdog type..(spelling ) ??-Well wal-marts policy is SERVICE ANIMALS only--well I see all kinds in there mostly little fuzzy rat type dogs, these are not service dogs period-so I asked the people what kind of Service dog is it -thay said the species-no I asked what type of service does it provide??--The woman replied it's my Stress dog ??--A f------ Stress Dog ??-
Here is my (Pet Peeve)--here those and we all know they are NOT service Dogs-( theses are big breeds Labs).etc. for Real Handi-caped persons, and our wounded Vets.-Period..Well thes people with their bull crap pretend service dogs-have their pets sitting in the cart seat or in the cart its self-Dogs are not wearing any diapers or protective type of material --while the Touch holes rub all over the cart and seat and handle..where we-the consumer place our produce, and other food items..What types odf desaese does this leave behind-no pun intended..tape worms, eggs, a 100 different host of Parasite's !! And now you take the food home contaminated by these Animals, and pass it on to your children, spouse and yourself..Wal-mart Employees are NOT ALOWED to ask if they are service animals..These real Service animals are supposed to wear vests stating service animals..period..My Feelings as you can guess is it is disgusting to say the least ,morally wrong, let alone extremely unsanitary..Now I have all praise and admiration for Physically and mentally challenged Persons,who need and use these animals as do their Trainers..It's those OTHERS who take advantage , of an which appears to be an unenforceable LAW.. So what to do -try to get some Law maker to file a petition to create a new law, of where to go to Bitch about the law not being enforced ?? -- I also believe but unsure -the people with real Sercice Dogs are supposed to carry Documents stating such facts-like the Hand-capped stickers..and should be checked at the doors..this is why we have way too many laws because of the Stupid People who skirt the existing laws, and thumb their noses at the Law abiding citizens on a daily basis.--So I figured I am going to a Stable and check on prices of a Guide LLAMA, Alpaca,Horse or Miniature Pony,--with the Llamas' & Alpacas--ill pick the best SPITTER(S) !!--Clean up in ISLE 5 !!!--i'll train them to get the items I can not reach..and give them cute names -Fluffy , Mitzi,--Whats your opinion ???--Maybe I'll get a Dr's prescription for a Gunning Dog--that will be legit !!! :mad:
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Postby JuniorPre 360 » Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:01 pm

I've heard this complaint from the wong-mart in my state. They do absolutely nothing about it. When I used to shop there, we've found pet hair stuck to our groceries when we got home. I've gotten fleas and ticks from dogs in a foreign country, but have never thought about it happening here in the states. This is just another reason I completely stopped shopping there. You could call, write a letter, or whatever. But they have too much business and support to give a crap about just one single pissed off guy.
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Postby Seaductor » Fri Jun 28, 2013 4:23 am

I don't see the problem? ???? My dog likes to pick out his own doggie treats!

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Postby Elvis Kiwi » Fri Jun 28, 2013 4:53 am

a string of pack mules sounds like a good bet to me. "they are carrying my groceries sir" should have them stumped for awhile.
snot nosed screaming kids in the supermarket is bad enough but pampered pooches is just too much.. you could have alot of fun with some ..ala im feeling frisky perfume from a bitch at the "right time"...just a wee(pun intended) spray here and there would see fido doing all sorts of gymnastics trying to find her :huh: :huh:
oh I can see the pandamonium now
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Postby Dingbatter 2 » Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:59 pm

You probably pick up more germs from the people than the dogs. Snot nosed humans wiping who knows what on the cart handles and everything else.
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