Shallow Water Habitat Restoration Project Meeting Urgent

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Shallow Water Habitat Restoration Project Meeting Urgent

Postby feathhd » Tue Jun 25, 2013 2:52 pm

Have you heard about the public hearing the state of Iowa set for Friday, June 28th, 10 am, Lewis and Clark Park, Onawa.

This is a Notice to the general Public and All Iowa Sportsmen with in the state and certainly with in the Mo. River Basin. This meeting is being held because some Farmers with in the basin or area DO NOT WANT the Army Corp of Engineers doing any Shallow Water Habitat Restoration projects at all, not even on the federal lands that the Army owns that is basically Public Property.

Here is what Shallow Water Habitat Restoration is doing for the General Public and for Iowa Sportsmen.

1: Restoring or enhancing Back water areas or side chutes that have been cut off from the Mo. River through the Corps bank stabilization and Navigation works, to take on more water in events such as High flood risk periods. If you have more area for water to go, that means you have less flood rise or less property damage.

2: If more shallow water habitat restoration projects can be started and completed, we could reduce the velocity of the Mo. River. This will also contribute to less personal and private property damage caused by High flood events in the future.

3: By creating , restoring or enhancing these shallow water habitats we create vital habitats that are critical as fish nursery areas, resting areas for migratory birds and certainly great fishing areas, camping and boating with friends and family.

However some with in the Ag community do not want 1 single acre of habitat restoration, enhancement or other. Every acre to some of them should be suitable for crop production and crop production alone.

They don't want the Corp restoring these areas that act and provide the ability to take on high flood waters, They dont want the the Corp, the state or the USFWS restoring or doing anything when it comes to improving the ability to address flood waters or native habitat work that has been lost due to Mo. River Bank Stabilization and Navigation project. But when the waters Rise and flood the lands they are the 1st ones to jump and demand that Goverment is Responsible and should write them a check to help them recovery from said flood events.

What in the hell do these few farmers think these projects are going to do? Its not just about restoring Native habitat on Federal and state public lands, its about them doing projects on these lands that also help take on and address some of the flooding problems.

In the reach of the Mo. River in Iowa, we have lost 67% of the Mo. Rivers surface area. 67% folks. That means we have lost 67% of our ability to take on or address high flow flood events. Now for every project we do, we add to our ability to create a little more surface area. A place for High water to go other than your house, your farm, your community.

I ask Sportsmen and community leaders to step up and attend this meeting in Support of Mo. River Restoration and Recovery Projects so that we improve our ability to take on high flood waters, improve hunting, improving fishing and certainly improve the regions recreational attraction as a destination.

Waterfowlers, Pheasant hunters, trapper, fishermen, birders, Nature lovers who want to see more Native Habitat, stronger Bio-diversity that has long been lost restored, show up in Support of these Shallow water habitat projects. Homeowners, business who wish to see Mo. River waters go to restored areas instead of their homes, business or communities, show up in support of these Restoration and Recovery Projects.

I am telling folks of the Community even sportsmen that a few private landowners / farmers are hell bent on making sure ZERO habitat restoration or flood mitigation efforts are started or done in this valley and they are using every method know to man to stop said efforts.

See you there. If not, habitat in the state of Iowa will take one big hit, Flood mitigation efforts will take one big hit. As a whole , as a community we must stand up and support ALL EFFORTS THAT SEEK TO LESSON FUTURE FLOOD EVENTS BECAUSE IF WE LEAVE IT UP TO THE FEW CONNECTED AG FOLKS IN THIS STATE, WE WILL MAINTAIN MORE OF THE SAME AND KEPT ON THE HOOK FOR THE DISASTER BILLS.
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