EPS foam decoy cooker

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EPS foam decoy cooker

Postby MIDuckHunter » Mon Jan 12, 2004 10:14 am

I have been making EPS foam decoys using a Decoys Unlimited mold for the past few years. I use a propane cooker to boil the decoys, but this doesn't work well in Michigan in the winter. Does anyone have any advise on an indoor cooker that is not too expensive to buy or build (around $100.00). I would really like to be able to make decoys over the winter when I have a little more time.
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Postby fuunnyguy » Sat Jan 31, 2004 1:43 pm

You can buy large stock pots at gordon food services. that is thr litte women would let put on the stove.
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Postby birdgunner04 » Fri Jul 02, 2004 8:32 pm

Skip the eps and use 2part polyurathane pour in foam. Use 4lb foam. You can get it from US composits. NOTE Be sure to use lots of release agent!!!)
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