Suppy & Demand my as-!!

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Suppy & Demand my as-!!

Postby decoycarver » Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:12 pm

Where has all the ammo gone ?-We up north are still having real problems getting ammo, of all kinds, why did the dept. of homeland security buy up 1.6 Million civilian rounds of ammo. ? Ms.Janet Nap-who now is going to run the nations most screwed up college systems in the Country.( liberal Education) . why did the National weather service also follow suit and buy thousand of rounds of Civilian rounds of ammo ?-( NOAH )--Gun powder cant get it in amounts I am use to buying for my Reloaders and what can be purchased is not what I need .Why IS Our government Buying up EMPTY Casings off gun ranges ,shredding them and selling the Brass to CHINA ( Our Enemy), What is our Government Scared about on the Home front?
1) possibility that Ant-Gun people in key positions, sad -well if the NRA keeps getting their way and the people want guns go ahead -cant use them -without Ammo or components ? 2)- with shows like " Preppers" mountain Men etc. our government is telling us they don't trust the People ( you & I ), Thay keep telling us that the Stock market is growing, and the un employment rate is getting smaller, housing is bouncing back , rates are stable, and that we are almost there. Gas prices rose a tiny bit -due to 1 train accident in Canada, which disrupted Supply to the Nation ?--and prices went up..Maybe it's due to the verdict of the Zimmerman case -which the Media circus, and the great reverend Al-Not-so -Sharpton tried to create a race bees nest -Again ??=
Why did our Government just purchase Thousands of rounds of ammo and firearms from Russia( before Snowden incident ) this stock was importable to sell here ? have lots of questions, Don't you ?-the 2nd amendment -does refer to a well regulated Militia -does it not ? well as an American citizen -I need ammo to fight both foreign and Domestic Enemies' of the United states ( My Country )--Well where the Hell is it ??--As a retired Law Enforcement Officer -I've seen this sh--, before reminds me of that song ( behind closed doors).the NRA needs to set up a few million People March on Washington and file suit for the 2nd amendment ! I will give them a call in the AM. need to reorder my up coming dues soon too.think and do something -get the word out ..there are 3 types o People-those who do, those who don't and those that watch ! call Washington on you O'bamma Phones --he could be on vacation -somewhere..Call Detroit and speak to Mr. Holder --he can get some guns & ammo I am sure of it!!--1 :mad: :mad: :mad: tax Payer and Patriot !!
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