Monday the 13th

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Monday the 13th

Postby DUKHTR » Mon Dec 13, 2004 2:14 pm

it was over and done early today....had a limit of theee drakes and a black BEFORE 7!!!! Quickest limit I ever shot I think. The action was HUGE right at shooting hours. I was kinduv lucky to shoot the mallards before I got the black - since the gray sky made id's difficult.

This area I hunted is a new spot for me...In fact (Dog you're gonna hate me for this) I was thinking last night to call Dogman, but then rethought about trying a new spot with someone. What if it sucks!? Anyhow, I had tried the location a couple weeks ago in the pm and only saw a couple high flyers @ 2 and nothing else. Well today was a morning hunt and my prediction of puddlers heading for fresh water was correct. They were buzzing all around me...really, I could not tell you how many were circling at once there were so many....I shot...they scattered...then more were circling. Finally around 8 it shut down, with only a few bunches here-n-there until I left.

I hung around for a couple hours and saw alot of birds setting in...but no geese! This area will be rested for a few days. There have been no signs of anyone else hunting here...tracks, boat marks, shells, footprints, butts I should be OK.

I am truly sorry Dogman....but we will go there between the holidays - OK!!!!
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Postby Dogman » Mon Dec 13, 2004 5:14 pm

Well all I can say is,next time.....CALL ME!!!!!!!
My lab is still the best hunting partner there is.
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