Pointing Lab training ???

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Pointing Lab training ???

Postby troberts » Tue Aug 06, 2013 5:28 pm

I have a 10 month old pointing lab I am wanting to see if she has the pointing drive still. I have called around and all of the quail farms around the area and none have quail due to the time of year.I know quail scents don't have the identical smell of a live bird but would she still point the dummy with the scent on it?I have also thought about the quail wings that you can buy at cabelas or gun dog supply would those work to see if she still has the pointing drive?
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Re: Pointing Lab training ???

Postby Force Fetch » Wed Aug 07, 2013 11:11 am

Just like with any other pointing dog, use birds. Don't make it complicated, get some pigeons and press on. I also would put the dog and you on a program for pointing dogs, whoa,here, more whoa. There are a # of programs out there that work, Hickox comes to mind as a pretty simple method, or Rick, Ronnie, or Delmar Smith's method.
In the past few years we have had a few pointing, labs, goldens, etc show up at out training group. At first these owners expected special "pointing Lab treatment" like pointing was something special. We incorporated them in to the group as if they showed up with a setter and it worked.
I am not a fan of the pointing lab but, I do see their place in the hunting scene. I guess I am lucky, Labs that flush and setters that point and taught to work together including honoring each other.
Good Luck and remember to Teach, Train, Test, and Hunt!
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