Best Mainline and Cheapest Place to get it

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Best Mainline and Cheapest Place to get it

Postby brooks23 » Thu Aug 15, 2013 5:53 am

Hey guys looking for your opinions on what the best kind of mainline is and where to get it at the best price. I will probably be running the rig'em right clips and 36" drops so does the line have to be big enough to pinch in the clips or do you guys tie loops in the mainline to clip to

Thank you
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Re: Best Mainline and Cheapest Place to get it

Postby jeepman » Thu Aug 15, 2013 6:11 am

If you are looking to go cheap I would make your stuff. In a few of the post below there are a couple of companies such as the Memphis net and twine company that sell solid braid nylon cheap. it's easy to tar or paint the line ( if you can't buy it already done) and bam you have long lines for a fraction of what they would cost you to buy them ready made. as for your drops, the rig um rights are good if you needed a dozen in a quick pinch but you can make your drops quite a bit cheaper. Doctori sells in my opinion sells tighter clips and you can use smaller diameter braid nylon or decoy line to make the drop line. I know there is another company that sells long line clips out of North Carolina but the name doesn't come to mind at the moment?
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