So the timbre came in... And...

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Re: So the timbre came in... And...

Postby Trevor Shannahan » Sat Aug 24, 2013 5:17 am

Hbnel5on wrote:
Scott. wrote:Nice video, but I dont think that badboy has a stock tuning job. Just my .02

Yeah I'm gonna mr. Butch a holler today about tht. It's not very whiny and I feel like it should be haha

They weren't very whiny calls.
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So the timbre came in... And...

Postby talltimber » Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:47 am

mayhem96 wrote:
SPatrick wrote:I think that sound was a bit deceptive, they are rather quiet actually. Sounded good by the way. Ben if you were to pair that up with a SB, DC, or T1 you would quickly be able to tell just how quiet it is. They are very bouncy and squealy, and a very fun call to run, in reality, probably the most user friendly call of the entire RNT lineup, especially for guys just starting out. I always have one on my lanyard for low wind/foggy days.

Thanks for the info Shaun. Did anyone ever run them in Meat contests?

LOL. I'd say so.

I'm pretty sure Christian Curtis won it twice with the call he designed and sold to RNT. The Timbre. (iirc, he was in the top ten twice in the Main also, though idk what he was blowing)
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