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Postby TrapperRob » Tue Sep 10, 2013 7:20 pm

To all trappers and hunters:
Delaware trapping needs your help. Delaware has proposed a regular coyote and fox trapping season which is something they have never had for lots of reasons. Trappers in Delaware will be able to use appropriate size traps in a fashion similar to the rest of the country.

The Animal Rights people are out in force trying to derail this normalization. I saw and heard first-hand the lies they spread and promote.

Everybody that reads this is asked to send an email in support of trapping and the proposed changes to the following email address:

You can make up your own comments or simply copy and paste the ones that I have made below. The content matters as they will all get read and counted and for once we can make a difference. It doesn’t matter where you are or if you have never trapped in Delaware or you don’t think you will. You will never be asked you location or intentions.

We can win this one against the A-R nuts and help trapping gain ground.
Take 2 minutes and send an email.

Please help.

Some sample comments are as follows:

• I fully support scientific management of coyotes, foxes and all furbearers and science based seasons for them. Delaware has needed this for a very long time.

• Trapping and snaring are the only proven management technique available to wildlife managers to control coyote and fox populations. There are no other tools that work effectively. Coyotes are top tier predators and are having a huge impact on our current wildlife populations and domestic animals.

• Proper sized traps for coyotes are by necessity larger than raccoon and fox traps, therefore the trap size increases are needed. The current 1.5 sized traps are ineffective as coyote control devices.

• Properly adjusted traps can selectively target animals by weight. Therefore coyotes and other predators can be targeted by trappers while excluding other animals.

• Best management practices indicate offset and padded jaw traps perform well in larger sizes needed for coyotes. Live-hold foothold traps are used in many relocation programs including wolves, otters and others. Live-hold foothold traps remain the only effective devices to capture predators.

• Delaware already has snaring as a management tool. The current regulations need nothing more. Cable restraints would be a large step backwards and would remove a very valuable tool from wildlife managers. Therefore the proposed cable restraint regulations are not needed and should be dropped.

• A better definition of a relaxing lock is one that stops tightening when the target stops pulling.

Also suggest they have year round hunting on coyote, they should be treated as an invasive species.

Thanks, rob
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Re: Coyotes!!!

Postby omaha » Tue Sep 10, 2013 7:42 pm

Just so everyone knows I saw one first hand in Lincoln behind my house last summer twice in two weeks. We need to keep these under control.
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