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Postby Wooderson » Tue Nov 28, 2006 7:12 pm

I have 4 goldeneyes in my fridge right now just wonderin if theres anyway you can cook them so they taste half descent, i've heard theyr not the best eating. Hopin to eat them but if i cant i'll keep them in the freezer for next spring and summer for training the dog. :salude:
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Postby dudejcb » Thu Nov 30, 2006 1:38 pm

I don't pluck Goldeyes and I don't usually shoot them, although I did when I was younger and hungrier. If you filet the breasts and then fry till rare to medium rare (about 3 to 6 minutes per side) in butter with cajun spices they're good. I do lots of ducks this way... goes great with eggs, red wine, or whatever. for scrambled eggs use the pan juices to scramble the eggs in and chow down. Yum!

You can add garlic, or dredge the breasts in flour if you want. Sometimes the dredge and fry method works better if you soak the meat (ducks, chicken, fish, whatever) in buttermilk overnight first, then drain and season the meat, then dredge and fry immediately.

If you don't know this already, DON'T OVERCOOK GAME, ESPECIALLY DUCKS AND GEESE! Unless you like fowl that tastes like liver rather than like the best rich roast beef.
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