Calling to ducks, which call type?

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Calling to ducks, which call type?

Postby jellotree » Sun Sep 15, 2013 6:11 am

I've been hunting ducks for a number of years. Always do really well but decided to step up my calling ability.

I've been learning to run a single reed, and have the following calls:

Duclkander Conartist
Ducklander LT
Ducklander QT
LMC Stranglehold (Double tunned really soft and whiney)

I've always been weary of producing too much volume off a call. It seems to my ears that even the low end on the LT and Conartist are super loud. So I end up sticking with the quiet ones. But when I see vids, or hear other hunters working ducks with calls that are obvoulsy louder than live ducks, the birds seem to eat it up. I hunt a big public marsh a lot and end up hunting the inner marsh portion where there are small cut ponds and channels pretty close to where the birds come off the sanctuarie(s). I also hunt a big river that snakes through farm land, as well as ponds and back water holes off that river.

My first question is, aside from those windless days, do you stick with one call, or switch up as you’re working ducks?

Next question is, I know you shouldn’t call as ducks are coming to you, but in the public marsh, I often get a single or pair that will flutter on the edge of the sanctuary, respond to my call, then go back. Hit them again with calls, they get up, come over. Trouble is, do I keep calling as they come to me. They seem to lose interests and go back.

On the river the loud call shines, as I get the attention of flocks cruising the treetops on the other side. But really, I only have to call to them once, they usually work the dekes just fine. Granted, the birds in that area are far less educated.
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Re: Calling to ducks, which call type?

Postby sooner737 » Sun Sep 15, 2013 7:45 am

You can have a million replies and none really be wrong. My mvp never leaves the lanyard. Period. Idc if your hunting a pot hole in town. Ducks from abroad will hear you and generally come at least check you out. Finish them with your soft call. (Mine is gold digger or short barrel) hell really you could finish with a mvp! Never underestimate a whistle either.
As far as when to call and when to shut blowing my call. I don't practice to just not call during the real deal. That being said there is a time to stfu. This is something learned while hunting. Depending on each situation.
Hope this helps
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