Tex Wirtz decoys

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Tex Wirtz decoys

Postby 'JaminC'mon » Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:10 am

Have any of you ever heard of these? I picked up some bluebills for cheap last week. I tried doing a Google search, but not much info available. One forum I found said these are from the 60's and are collectible. They are supposed to be one of the first plastic weighted decoys on the market and were the cat's meow at the time. One guy said he sold a pintail of this brand in mint condition for $30. The ones I got are far from mint, they have almost no original paint left.

My question is, should I not use them because they are a "collectors" item or should I repaint them and use them? I bought them for the purpose of using until I read they may be "worth something".

I'm also debating on painting them to look like coot instead of back to bluebills. Do you think ducks will notice the difference in shape from one species to the other and be scared off if the paint scheme looks like a coot?
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