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Re: Next Year's Duck Stamp

Postby Broken Paddle » Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:45 pm

aunt betty wrote:
Broken Paddle wrote:
aunt betty wrote:Here is the oldest duck stamp I have. Looks like I didnt sign it.

Most of mine were unsigned, if it was signed I knew we got checked that yr., over 90% were unsigned. I always have a pen with me, it was easy to spot the gw coming across the cove.
Eleven years old at the time. I didn't sign the stamp or buy a license that year. My dad carried it for me. Later on (about 13 yrs later) he gave it to me with all the stamps he had bought for me.
I have licenses going back to 1977-78. I was 16 that year and started buying the licenses myself.

Mine went back to 1968 when I turned 16. I had 3 of my Grandfathers button style pins from before stamps.
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