Mo. River Basin Temporary Migratory Habitat Initiative

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Mo. River Basin Temporary Migratory Habitat Initiative

Postby feathhd » Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:27 am

Work has officially begun to Develop a Temporary Migratory Habitat Management Program for the Mo. Valley Region.

The focus of the Initiative is to Incentive's a conservation Payment Structure that will pay X dollars per acre to Seasonally pump water to Crop residual such as Corn stubble & Bean Stubble with in the Mo. Valley Region where Irrigation wells already exist or where portable pumps can be placed to pump water and where hydric soils are present that can be manipulated to provide seasonal Migratory Habitat conditions for the Fall Flight.

The primary focus of this project will be to seek out areas In & Around High Migratory use areas but not limited to.
These areas could be 1/2 acre to 10 acres in size and would provide key Fall Migratory Habitat that Attracts, Holds larger concentrations of waterfowl in the region that enhances our present Public Waterfowling Areas for waterfowl hunters and waterfowl.

Some producers may not want any hunting on some acres and for this Incentive structure payments would be lower. Some producers may permit public duck hunting on those acres and for that incentive structure payments would be a little higher. It is key to understand that in order to make this type of program a success we will have to have areas that are Refuge acres for ducks but also we have to have areas where duck hunters can hunt. We will have both.

I think it is important to recognize the limitations of Traditional Conservation programs and traditional conservation program revenues that are generated by sportsmen. Simply put, Sportsmen revenues generated by lic sales, stamp sales are not enough to create the level of habitat that is needed out on the Working Iowa Landscape where Agriculture is the primary use. So the emphasis here is to reach acres that otherwise may never be enrolled in traditional conservation programs.

By generating this program we can ADD supplemental Migratory Habitat Acres to the landscape that enhances our areas permanent Migratory Habitat Attraction & Holding abilities.

Again this is just a brief to advise that work has begun to develop this program and criteria and will take some time to complete. Funding for this initiative will be done by Banquet Fund Raisers in the Region. ( SW Iowa, Middle Mo River, NW Iowa Regions )

Everyone who is interested in this initiative and would be supportive of a program on this nature, please send me your contact information for future references and e mail updates to this specific issue.

Bill Smith
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