duck/goose recipes

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duck/goose recipes

Postby dbrown57 » Fri Oct 04, 2013 8:49 pm

Cut into 1''x1'' chunks and soak for at least 1 hour and no longer then 12 hours in franks red hot sauce. Fire up the grill and add water soaked wood hickory chips. Wrap goose in bacon and secure with a tooth pic. Cook till medium and serve.

Take duck or goose soak in salt water over night. Take extra virgin olive oil and crushed rosemary and put in a pot and turn heat on low to medium to get the mixture to a simmer, once at simmer put on low for 5-10 minutes then add worstishire sauce. take off heat immediately and baste plucked duck or goose. put on grill with wood smoke chips, continue to baste with sauce during the grilling. (Also salt n pepper to taste, some times I add chilli powder for more spice)

Whole plucked deep fried duck. Pluck duck, I used gads and green heads, one half cup all purpose flour one tablespoon black pepper one tablespoon creole seasoning, tablespoon basil, tsp majoram, table spoon sea salt, 2 tsp celery salt. add and mix all dry ingredients. Pat ducks dry and role in mixture. Deep fry at 350- 365 for about 6-8 minutes a pound. If you like whire gravy I make a white gravy out of a chicken stock from whole and chopped chicken from the croc poc. chicken stock, cup flour cup milk...same as all gravys. Duck plus dip in white gravy= way to good. heaven forbid if you have time to make homemade mashed taters!!!
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