Field & Stream Article about Politics & Iowa Deer Hunting

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Field & Stream Article about Politics & Iowa Deer Hunting

Postby feathhd » Fri Oct 04, 2013 11:41 pm

Make sure you read the new mag. Everything in it is truth and what we need to do is Have the back of that person and make damn sure we protect him from any and all political ramifications or reprimands.

When we have folks stand up to tell the truth, we should not stand by silently. We must circle around him or her and protect them.

I will be following the issue as it plays out.
Here is some BS for you. Now anything that is of publication must be approved by the governor more or less. Are you kidding me?

Why dont the reporters and outdoor magazine writers just go to the Governors office direct and get his opinion on the matter and call it a day.

We are watching our Fish & Wildlife division right before our eyes being silenced.
I hope you guys dont stand for this crap!

Circle the wagons around the guy who gave that interview. Protect him. Very valuable man who speaks about how our resource was stomped into the mud. We need guys like that standing up for the resources and the sportsmen of this state. THE DAY THAT VOICE IS SILENCED is the day we loose as sportsmen to have a voice.
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