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new hunting places

Postby Blklab40 » Thu Jan 06, 2005 9:16 pm

how is everybody doing so far this year i have been seeing not much i'm going to scout the vanderpool property up by corvallis this weekend does anybody know or have you hunted it before. i would like to find some more hunting buddies to hunt with so i can learn more about where to hunt and stuff.has any one hunted e.e wilson refuge for ducks and was it any good.i was wondering if i could get some pointers on what is the best approach when ducks are wanting to land but motion and calling does not seem to work what is the next best thing to do.thanks from blklab40 :salude:
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Postby newbiewaterfowler » Fri Jan 07, 2005 4:36 pm

How about a trade???I'll come up to your area you take me hunting,then you can come down to Eugene area and I'll take you and show u a few places??
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Postby bigwhite » Fri Jan 07, 2005 5:02 pm

I graduated from WOU about 4 years ago so my information might be outdated.....Anyway I dont know how much you hunted EE but I spent atleast 3 days a week at EE and have walked almost every inch of it..

Driving South from Monmouth as soon as you come to the scales, pull in and drive N till the scales end and park there.

Hop out and walk in - you will need waders!!!

Pass through the trees and through the "first dip" usually this time of the year about 2 feet deep. after the next major set of bushes turn right there and walk till you get to the round oak tree up to your right. (hunt her and set about a dozen dekes out. Make sure you have motion and use LIGHT CALLING. Carefull of the DITCH to the east!!
If you have a small sneak boat this is a great plcae for it..
The flocks will come in right at the end of shootin hours... be careful there are lots of eyes out there..

That area is loaded with spots and farmers are happy to let you hunt - usually.

Good luck and hoot um with their feet down. :salude:
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Postby Swamp Puppy » Mon Jan 10, 2005 3:02 pm

i can't help with the tips about EE, but i hunt Sauvie Island alot and i am sure that hard pressured ducks act pretty much the same most places.

It is in my limited experience (really) that when i am getting ducks to look, but not finish, it is usually due to one or more of the following things.

#1 - the ultimate killer...movement. no, not that wing flappy thingy or your jerk spreader out there in the water. you, your partner, your dog..don't just cut down on your movements in the blind. stop them completely. is your arm moving all over the place pulling that jerk cord? are you shifting around, moving your feet, and reaching for your gun? is your hunting partner pointing at the birds and telling you they are coming in? (we know YOU wouldn't do such a thing. :thumbsup: )

#2 - Noise. speaking of your hunting partner pointing at birds. did he just announce in a normal conversational tone that they were coming in? voices cary a long way...birds can and will flare at, "HEY JOE!! BIRDS ON YOUR LEFT!"

#3 - Concealment. can you see the birds? if so, they can see you too. while it is basically impossible (or at least really impractical) to stay 100% concealed, you can do a few things to help out. stay low in the blind and keep in close to the cover to help blend in. if you sit back 5 feet from the blind you will stick out like tits on a boar. also, try not to stare at incoming birds. it has been suggested by people much smarter than i that animals lower on the food chain can pick out a pair of eyes staring at them as if they are next up on the menu. instead, take quick glances at incoming birds and instead of staring at them, pick out spots along their path and adjust your vision inward as they approach. ie: spot them at 100 yards so look in about 80. spot them again at 80 and look in around them at 60 and watch the area around where they should finish out...when you see them this last time, take 'em.

#4 - They just don't like you. sometimes it happens. maybe they are trying to land, but the position of your dekes is actually keeping them out. sometimes heavily pressured birds won't fly over dekes. if your dekes are keeping the birds from making a natural approach, they may just flare off and find someplace else they like better. try openeing up your landing zone to accomodate their flight paths. also, you can space out your dekes to allow them more places to land. if i am using this last tactic i will cut down to about 2 dozen dekes and space them at least 2 feet apart.

#5 - Calling. try not calling while the birds are flying at you. if they turn, hit them with a SOFT quack or chuckle....hit them again with a comeback if they keep leaving. if they turn back in...stop calling.

anyway, these are a few things that i have learned the hard way. sometimes it is one of these things, sometimes it is a combination of these things, and sometimes i sit in my blind scratching my head in wonder at why those silly birds with brains the size of BB's won't land in my spread. :hammering:
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ee wilson

Postby gracenjohn » Mon Jan 17, 2005 7:22 pm

Big White - instead of worrying about being caught, you can drive 2 more minutes to a check station at the entrance to ee wilson and sign in and then drive right back to the scales and not worry if the trooper is going to be waiting at your car like he likes to do. :thumbsup:
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Postby bigwhite » Fri Jan 21, 2005 2:54 pm

I just implying that that you have to make sure you stop shooting at EXACTLY the end of shooting hours or you are screwed.. Those guys drive around looking for cars and sit and wait.
Oh BTW.. Good point about mentioning that you have to sign in and out of EE Wilson. I forgot to mention that!

Best of Luck guys...
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