Places for sea-duckin' without boat/dog? (getting started)

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Places for sea-duckin' without boat/dog? (getting started)

Postby Atlantic Junkie » Thu Dec 28, 2006 2:42 pm

Hi all,

I originally posted this in the MA forum (as I'm a Mass-hole), but thought I'd post in adjoining states as well - all about percentages.

I'm fairly new to sea-ducking, but am hooked in a big way.

I have a getting started question that is specific to sea ducks. Without a boat (ours is away for the winter and a true bear to launch/recover anyway) or a dog to retrieve birds, is there any way to get out for sea ducks?

I'm gtg with decoys, etc. and was wondering if there are any places where I could set up with a kayak (have one) or canoe (could get one)? Not necessarily to hunt from it, but just use it to get set/recover.

ANY other suggestions welcome! It's killing me not being able to get out there now that I have some free time....

Thanks for help/opinions.


PS- I know that going with a guide is a great option, but I both like to do things myself (more satisfying) and all the guides I've called are booked!

PPS - always looking for hunting partners - PM me if you're looking/have an open spot you need filled.
Like I need a reason to get on the water
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Postby Ross R » Fri Dec 29, 2006 9:09 pm

i dont know your backround or how much you know, but i may be telling you redundant things.

1. The ocean is one hell of a dangerous place especially in small boats
2. weather can change at the drop of a hat.
3.cold water, cold weather, and being by yourself are 3 things that can lead to disaster.

Just be safe brother, where ever you go. sorry i cant help you with any specific locations. i know that you can hunt new hampshire, at any of the state parks and undeveloped shoreline as long as you are 100 yards from a permanent dwelling.

Good luck to you, shoot them in the lips!
Ross R
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