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Postby greenbean » Sun Oct 20, 2013 9:02 pm

Ive been hunting hard for ducks since 1998. I hunted way back before then for ducks and geese but 98 was the year I lost my mind.

I finally got blessed with a hunt in Canada last month and I have recharged the old batteries. It is a must if you havent been up there. I killed doubles, triples.....geese, snow geese, ducks, you know it was ridiculous. But it was eye opening.

I thought this trip would kill any desire left to ever duck hunt SC again but it has had the opposite affect.

When I watched my dad and ole time hunting partner smoke em....well, the kid inside me was awaken. I dont have any grandoise(sp?) notions of doing the same in SC or alleging that anybody could afford this trip, I just recommend a, any, trip to all. My dad paid my part as a thank you for my military service, I couldnt have afforded it otherwise. To him and my partner, thank you.

Just wanted to let my dad and partner know my appreciation and to let you SC hunters know that I'll be competing with you atleast one more year. Good luck out there. Ride safe and shoot straight.

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