A Positive Zone 2 Opener!

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A Positive Zone 2 Opener!

Postby UrbanDuckMan » Sat Nov 02, 2013 8:25 pm

We all met at The Cabin where Mingo had spent the night. I could smell the Cinammon Rolls and STRONG HOT COFFEE a'wait'n on us the moment I stepped out of the truck! In short order the front yard looked like a tail gate party as we all stood and washed down the sweet rolls excitedly talk'ng about how good it was to actually be able to hunt so close to home for the rest of the season. Hell ... I remember in our younger days when we was all about drop'n everything in order to hook up a hull and rush to some new piece of water on a HOT RUMOR of it being LOADED WITH DUCKS!

The Dance Card yesterday evening was at four but grew by two when Sir Anthony and Frick called and hooked on. Frick is now a SENIOR in High School and the spot we were gonna shoot today was one where we used to carry him into WHILST HE WAS STILL IN DIAPERS! GOOD TIMES ! Gawd he has grown into one nice look'n and act'n YOUNG MAN! Looks like he's even been SHAVING a bit!

The water we was to shoot was a half mile down the road and had good parking along the County Road with an easy and quick UNDER DA GNARLY BARBED WIRE SPOT so we was in no hurry. All 3 of the Young Guns was in their waders and would hump in the small number of dekes needed in order to GET THE BAIT LAID OUT! All us Old Farts had to do was mosey on in on our own time with just enough time left to set our CHIARS OUT and LOAD UP DA SMOKEPOLES! And ... that is pretty much how it went.

We didn't have to waste any time cuss'n and discuss'n on how we was gonna do things as we had shot this spot on the wind we had many times in the past. The Young Guns would man a small point that stuck out into the main part of the lake whilst us Old Fart plugged the Back Door. We would GRAB'EM BY THIER BILLS and KICK'EM IN THIER ASSES!

The first ten minutes were as close to DUCKIE HELL as we had seen this season. The Green Wings came first and not many got out alive! Then it was pretty much Gadwalls in small grouping from pairs to threes and fours. In but a few minutes we was sit'n at a Dozen and had to RIDE DA HOLE HARD in order to scratch out another half dozen. We just didn't want to leave as THE COMPANY WAS GOOD and the Ducks was work'n. We saw several large groups of from a dozen to fifteen move'n along the horizon and it looked like a bit of an actual push was get'n worked up over this bit of a northerly wind.

We picked up and headed for The Cabin where me and Gut cooked 2 lb's of BACON and 3 Easy Overs ( robbed from the Hen House over the past few days ) and TOAST while the other guys BUTCHERED DUCKS turning the pile of bloody feathers into a half dozen Freezer Bags of Fillets. A good meal was had by all and before we knew it the time was well past 1 p.m.. .. the WITCHING HOUR for when the wives and girl friends would start a'look'n for us!

Pretty much the same bunch is go'n again tomorrow! Can't wait ... IT'S ON!

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Re: A Positive Zone 2 Opener!

Postby Okie Ducker » Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:02 am

I enjoy your write-ups! You speak a language that only us true Okies can interpret. Put me down when your book comes out. I'd appreciate an autographed copy. LOL. :biggrin:
Okie Ducker
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