Creative ways to stretch your reloading dollars

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Creative ways to stretch your reloading dollars

Postby BT Justice » Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:38 am

Since we are on the subject of the costs with Chris's post, lets hear some of the ways you guys make your reloading dollars stretch.
I've been picking up empty brass and hulls for years even if I don't shoot the caliber or gauge, trade seems to be a really good thing these days. Trading off a few hundred empties with someone that has what you need pays off a lot of times.
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Re: Creative ways to stretch your reloading dollars

Postby 3200 man » Sun Nov 03, 2013 5:57 am

That's good advise Joe , last friday nights shoot I picked-up 137 Fed Gm plastics once fired even though I have around a
1000 . A Fella needed some Ched hulls on this forum , while I've been picking -up some Estate / Ched hulls as they are very
popular here where I shoot , I just sent them to him . Thinking , some day I mite need a favor !

By helping each other , without hoarding or rapeing one another , we can keep the ammo companies inline , some- what !

Chris has helped me with a find , so , when I find alot of something reasonable - I want to share !
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Re: Creative ways to stretch your reloading dollars

Postby 10gaOkie » Sun Nov 03, 2013 8:15 am

some swapping of components would be nice. However, I usually end up giving stuff away or letting it collect dust. I think I have aquired enough Ched hulls, both new primed and once fired to last the rest of my life. However, I wont stop collecting them when they become available. I am still waiting for my range to get rebuilt (tornado) so I have a place to pick up free hulls. I know of two batches of 2 3/4 Ched hulls online right now. Once fireds at 5 cents each and new primed at 13 cents each but you gotta buy a pot load to get them. The sellers might let go of smaller quantities if you wanted to go to the trouble of contacting them.
I once shared my find with fellow DHC members about a guy that had new primed Ched hulls for $27 per 500 with free shipping. What a deal that was. It went on for a while but we finally bought him out. I was able to get a couple thousand for myself but I chose to share with you guys and when I was ready to order more they were gone. I also bought a pot full of PR #4 steel shot for cheap, I will never use it all. I think sharing tips about finding bargains and not keeping them to ourselves is the best solution.
I dont think our sticky reloading classifieds get read much. I have never done any good with that source. A sticky for components listed for trade would be nice. I am sure all of us reloaders have components we will never use.

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