Banfield duck calls???

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Banfield duck calls???

Postby a7xtnt » Thu Feb 08, 2007 4:24 pm

anybody ever use this brand? they see pretty good quality and from listening the sound they seem pretty good. I was wondering if any of you guys have ever had any experience with one of these.
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Postby THIN MAN » Sat Feb 10, 2007 7:24 pm

Never tried one myself. What i've heard from those who have say you're better off with a diffrent call.

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Postby woodduckhunter » Sat Feb 10, 2007 7:41 pm

Do they have a website, never heard of them?
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Postby a7xtnt » Sat Feb 10, 2007 8:58 pm

Yes they have a website
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Postby greenster » Sun Mar 04, 2007 2:23 am

:lol: :lol: thats too funny... banfield just happens to be where I use to guide..

I don't like it "my taste's" but David and Royce sound awesome with it.. they will tell you that they bag limits 90% of the time with it...they don't say they spend 1.4 million dollars on land a year. I don't know exact numbers but its more than my salary for next 20 years.

but call sounds great, without me blowing..

I will say I don't buy calls without blowing them first..........
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Postby bustedmallard » Fri Mar 23, 2007 10:51 pm

they are probably ok, but i don't like the fact the aesthetics are basically a direct rip off of a taylormade.

for that much money you could get a heck of a gaston, rnt, echo, watkins etc call.
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Re: Banfield duck calls???

Postby SuisunGreenhead » Fri Aug 30, 2013 5:12 pm

I know this is a VERY old thread but I came across Banfield calls a few years back just in some random ebay searching. After the call arrived I loved it so much I tracked down the late Royce Barrett in Harrison, AR and ordered a couple more. That call has become a staple for me with my Lares and Iverson acrylics and I hopefully will never have to stop using it. I hunt in CA but I love the AR style timber calls, need a quieter call with great low end and rasp. Where I hunt the birds are low so I want a quieter raspy hail call and I have a ton of success with that Banfield.
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