and some more hudson valley goose hunts...

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and some more hudson valley goose hunts...

Postby BayMan718 » Mon Nov 11, 2013 6:59 am

couldnt get out midweek....but got up this weekend to do some goose hunting...scouting for sundays duck opener and check trail cam's...for saturday...

saturday am...we hit the corn fields my farmer scouted 10-20 birds using on friday am...but come saturday morning we only had 2 pairs of geese the whole morning....didnt see another bird which struck us odd...but those two pairs came in pretty...5 yards in the kill hole feet out...still had a good time with my buddy despite the slower then expected morning...


saturday afternoon while scouting for ducks i figured out why we didnt see many birds in the corn in the am...all the birds in the area were back in the hay and grass fields so i swung my buddy's house to check his hayfield and found 60-80 birds feeding there along a cut hay edge...seeing this i made a bunch of calls trying to amass a crew of 5 or more shooters...was only able to get my friends mike and terry to drive up and meet me but i figured 3 were better then i met mike and terry at 530 and we deployed a 3 doz. worth of shells and full bodies...hidding our blinds in the unmowed hay...morning started off slow first hour and half didnt see anything and i thought great birds threw me another curve ball and went back into the corn....then all hell broke loose...had a single come in that terry smoked...followed by a 12 pack that left a six pack...and then a big group of 25 birds that i opted to let land and fly off being we only needed two birds to limit and didnt wanna educate 23 other birds.....10 mins later flock of 4 come in...2 shots...3 man limit filled by 9am...very fun morning...just wished i had two more gunners to extend it....


been a decent season in the hudson valley...despite being bird numbers being lower then normal...going to try one more time on thursday...
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