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Re: eatem/??????????

Postby HuntsCTRiver » Wed May 20, 2009 7:19 am

zier wrote:so how many of yall eat these things

Why would you eat them? They are vermin. Are you saying we should eat everything we kill because then I would have to start eating mice from my mousetraps and I'm not cool with that.

I do want to weigh in on the shot size topic though. I rarely use shot larger than 7.5, and all I ever use are cheap target loads. I have used #9 but it's a little bit harder to find and costs a bit more so mostly I end up shooting #8 federal from Wal-Mart and it does a great job. This Spring I've been out crow hunting 7 days for a total of 44 crows. I'm not bragging here because I know that for some guys those are actually poor results. I'm just saying that the light target loads will do fine for killing crows.
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