Wister blinds

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Wister blinds

Postby Duckmansmoon » Wed Nov 20, 2013 1:20 am

Please correct me if I am wrong but at wister there aren't blinds, you have to make your own, correct? If so how do you go about doing it? Do you bring in your materials to construct one? I have a turkey blind, maybe three feet tall and I am thinking that isn't going to be enough. Any tips would be great.
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Re: Wister blinds

Postby DuckFan » Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:38 am

Your turkey blind will help you out, but you will need to add some more cover.

Couple of things you can do:

At the catering truck at Wister, the guy there sells arrow weed. It is long stemmed and you buy it from him in a bundle and you take it with you and basically make a circle fort out of it. You stick it into the ground and do that until you have made a blind around you, leaving space for entering and exiting.

If you have your turkey blind, you can put that down and then lay this arrow weed against it and help to give you a higher 'fort' around you. The arrow weed can be used to break up the turkey blind.

Or, an option I used to use is you get some burlap or camo cloth and staple it to some stakes, and then roll it up and carry out to where you hunt. Unravel it and stick it into the ground making a circle around you. Then, you have a blind but it is best to then still use some arrow weed to place around it to break up its outline.

Here is an old picture of me standing inside my 'fort' made from the arrow weed plant. I did NOT have my camo material along for this hunt so used the arrow weed only.


You may find that since others have hunted the area before you, that there will be remnants of a blind already there. Not always, but that happens, so you can use what others have left behind to help start your own fort'.

Hope that helps. It has been several years since I hunted there, and I understand they still sell it at the catering truck there, but you never know. But, can usually find something to help break up your outline. That is why I always used my burlap camo material staked out first, and then added cover to that - just leaned against my camo fort to break it up a bit.

Bring a stool or something to sit on as well inside your 'fort'
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Re: Wister blinds

Postby Duckmansmoon » Wed Nov 20, 2013 12:36 pm

Thanks, this was what I was looking for because I do not have any creative bones in my body. I will use your circle fort method.
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