Ice Eaters

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Ice Eaters

Postby UofAduckman1987 » Mon Dec 09, 2013 10:46 am

Any of you guys out east run ice eaters or similar contraptions to keep a hole open? I need to find a pond out here in NWA to try this little rig I dreamed up. Trolling motor on a saw horse hooked to a battery and charger from a generator or extension cord if distance allows. Camoed up the saw horse with grass and brush so it looks less imposing. Every pond around here that as more than 10 sq ft of open water has birds just stacked on it. I'm dreaming of birds cupping from 1/4 mile away right into this death trap.

If any of you NWA guys have access to a pond send me a message, I'll do the rigging if you let me join in on the hunt. I want to see it in action!
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