Your Chance to Restore YOUR Favorite River to Duck Hunt / Wa

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Your Chance to Restore YOUR Favorite River to Duck Hunt / Wa

Postby feathhd » Mon Dec 09, 2013 3:45 pm

We have the ear of our Iowa legislators --- submit your comments ... aspx?qid=3 in support of an Iowa River Restoration program by tomorrow, Dec 10.

The Iowa Rivers and Waterways Study Committee ... 85&CID=926 will meet tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Iowa Statehouse to hear testimony from a broad group of stakeholders in considering options for restoring the quality of Iowa’s rivers and waterways.

Restoring Iowa's rivers would benefit all Iowans - it would improve water quality, enhance local economies, preserve Iowa's farmland, improve wildlife habitat, and help reduce the impacts of flooding.

ACTION: Organizations and individuals that champion efforts to improve Iowa’s water quality and the conditions of our rivers and streams are needed to help inform and influence this process.
Submit written comments to the interim committee by Tuesday, December 10th. You can also review comments ... aspx?qid=3 that have already been submitted and view IRR's comments ... 8-2013.pdf to the Study Committee.
Attend the committee meeting at the statehouse on December 10th at 10 a.m. in Room 103 to show your support (IRR will provide testimony at 11:15 a.m.). This meeting is open to the public and we need your support to pack the room in strong support for establishing a statewide River Restoration Meeting. Please e-mail if you can attend.
Contact your legislators in support of establishing a River Restoration Program.
Encourage organizations and individuals who you know are committed to improving water quality and the condition of Iowa’s river and waterways to submit comments and attend the meeting on the 10th.
An Iowa River Restoration Program could provide a framework for targeted restoration, preservation, enhancement and beneficial use of Iowa rivers. A program can be based on existing models such as Iowa’s successful Lake Restoration Program, and on best practices learned from other states. Iowa’s rivers face tremendously complicated challenges, and developing a program run by professionals with appropriate training and experience is crucial to restoring river structure and function, and improving water quality. Decisions and actions that impact our waterways affect the economic, environmental, social and political environment of Iowa communities and states downstream.

Helpful Links: ... Rivers.pdf

Rosalyn Lehman
Executive Director
Iowa Rivers Revival
PO Box 72, Des Moines, IA 50301

Thanks Guys & Gals
William J.Smith
President Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association

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