Duck learning to fly again - Lacassine - Pirogues

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Duck learning to fly again - Lacassine - Pirogues

Postby landry7726 » Tue Dec 24, 2013 1:23 am

Hey guys,

Just getting back into duck hunting after a 3 year hiatus. Prior to that I hunted Manchac in college (that was fun...not) and Sabine in High School (oh to be young again). My parents / free hunting storage are located in Lafayette now so I am interested in testing my metal against Lacassine for the latter half of this split. Kicking it off I have three topics:

1. I am looking to hunt the area between the ICWW and the pipeline on the south western portion of the hunting area. Per google earth it looks like there is a good size pothole a hundred yards or so in from the ICWW. Anyone familiar with this area? Does the walk and distance from Gary's deter some people from this southern most point? If I want to scout during season and not piss off the world would it be possible to do so between 11-1 am or is it possible to do so during Mon and Tuesday when hunting is not allowed?

2. Are there other launches with a route that is more protected from a south wind than gary's? My boat squats a bit and I don't feel like taking a swim if i get caught in heavy chop. I remember the chop off grand lake can be pretty bad with a decent south.

3. I planted marsh grass for the state in Lacassine (grand lake side) during high school and remember the water being around waist deep with a lot of cypress. Is this the general make up of the area or does it turn to more of a prairie as you move in from shore?

4. Where would be the best place to pick up a couple of the 12 ft critter getters in the lafayette area? Looks like lafayette shooters has the 14s Looking to get a 12 ft for myself (6'1 220) and possibly a 14 for my dad and bro (avgsize coonasses). I have a 16.5 x 56 flat with a 36 hp prodrive (merry christmas to me) that i will be hauling all this out there in, so i need to keep the pirogues on the lighter side. Is it even possible to pole in?

5. Finally, my pop and bro are more of the bluebird variety, so are there any guys familiar with the area looking for a hunting buddy?


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Re: Duck learning to fly again - Lacassine - Pirogues

Postby takemking » Tue Dec 24, 2013 9:24 am

No love for Manchac? I killed alot of ducks and geese in college hunting the prairie. Gave it up when it switched to limited access and I moved to New Orleans. Wish I could help you with Lacassine but never hunted it much. I know Sabine is stacked with ducks though.
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Re: Duck learning to fly again - Lacassine - Pirogues

Postby Toledo » Tue Dec 24, 2013 9:55 am

The foks hunting the area you are describing will be coming from the HWY 27 bridge launch down the ICW to the west. I forget the name of it.

Take a look at Bing birds eye view of the area you want to hunt. You can see all the coonass tracks going out in the marsh to the different holes. Its like a lot of public hunting these days. Can be real good but dealing with the people is the biggest issue. Go scout. Chances are any place you see on aerials will have a spot beat down where foks already been parking boats.
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Re: Duck learning to fly again - Lacassine - Pirogues

Postby landry7726 » Tue Dec 24, 2013 10:58 am

The coon tracks is what drew me to the area! Do people hunt the shore south of pipeline or the East shore of the bayou? I thought I remember a rule about not hunting withing a certain distance of a waterway. Is the shore considered in that category? If I go out to scout at 10 during the season will there stil be a lot of hunting pressure? I don't want to pop out of the marsh in som sob's spread.

No no love for Manchac hunted it out of my flat with an outboard which meant we had to tie up at the warden shack and pirogue into the prairie. One pirogue and two big guys meant we made it to the first point.

Sabine is a bit more of a drive from lafayette than lacassine, so I'm going to pass. We use to rent a camp on the redneck Rivera before Rita. Those were the good days!
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