From Lurker to Newbie

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From Lurker to Newbie

Postby bdollar03 » Wed Jan 01, 2014 8:32 pm

Just wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. New to the forum. I was what you guys call a lurker before, so I want to say my piece before I start posting anything. Not new to hunting but haven't had the time for a few years so picking it back up in general. Added Duck hunting to the mix this past year. So I had a lot of ground to cover this last year to get ready for this season but this sums up the things I know that have helped me with my first season, and a lot of these things I got from "lurking here", so thank you.
I vow the following as a new Duck hunter:
Not to Sky bust ( not a hard vow to keep, as I grew up dove hunting, and have hunted quail a few times)
Scout my ass off and find the spots where the ducks are, that are so remote, no one wants to go there except the ducks(this keeps any douche moves I make while I'm learning from affecting someone else's hunt)
Don't be a lazy ass and just ask where the ducks are on a website.( You deserve ridicule for this)
Finally, I'm better off leaving the duck calls in the truck and setting up to take a passing shot at a woodie in the swamp than I am setting up a bunch of decoys and making sounds out of the calls so bad big bird wants to slap me. (It's in my best interest to spend the spring and summer in a boat fishing and making calls at passing groups to learn what they do with which call, and get ready for next season.

Finally, be prepared for the grief I take for posting this.

Thanks again guys for the forum, and I look forward to getting to know you boys a little better.
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Re: From Lurker to Newbie

Postby jcz » Wed Jan 01, 2014 9:50 pm

:welcome: Good luck out there.
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