Ice and eagles

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Ice and eagles

Postby Bulldog87 » Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:45 pm

Got out yesterday am on the low tide and dragged the kayaks threw the mud anticipating a late flight due to so much ice in the creeks, threw out a few decoys and a hooded merganser hen can in the creek bed doing 100 and landed in the decoys. My buddy jumped it and got of a killer shot ( man there fast) had the pleasure of a golden eagle flying over head and came down to about 50' and 100' in front of us! Pretty cool to see! The tide started coming in and the ice came with it! It was something out of a movie huge icebergs crashing I to each other and piling 5ft tall at that time some buffles landed and I jumped one, went to retrieve it with kayak and as soon as we got back we had to leave our spot! Flood tied piles and piles if ice we had to cross a creek and drag the yaks into a small land mass still 4ft of water in there. We were iced in for about 2 hours until the tide changed again. As soon as we got pushed out there were dozens of mallards every were, of course right in front of we're we were. Geese started moving by the hundreds over us. Still some good hunting out if your willing to deal with ice and cold temps this trip we ended up with the hooded and two buffles, not a bad start to the year in my opinion specially since we're newbies! Happy new year all!
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Re: Ice and eagles

Postby Professor_Leakey » Fri Jan 03, 2014 4:09 am

congrats on the successful hunt. watch out for those ice flows and be safe out there!
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