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Re: Hunting in City Limits

Postby jägare » Mon Feb 24, 2014 11:43 am

Asked the DNR. Here is the response for anyone who is interested.

Q. Hello. I have a question. What is the law regarding hunting in city limits? I have been told that state (DNR) is the only agency that can regulate hunting. Therefore, if the city has a statute for no hunting in city limits, but the hunters are acting in accordance with DNR law, they should be ok to go, correct? I heard about some case in Yorkville, IL. They said the hunters were within their rights to hunt in city limits even though the city had a law. In the article, it says they cited state law. Where could I find that number? Thanks

A.We do not enforce city ordinances, the city p.d. would do that. Here is an excerpt from our hunting digest explaining hunting near inhabited dwellings:

Hunting Near Inhabited Dwellings

It is unlawful to hunt or allow a dog to hunt

within 300 yards of an inhabited dwelling without

first obtaining permission of the owner or

tenant of the dwelling. Except: A 100-yard restriction

shall apply while trapping, hunting

with bow and arrow, or hunting with shotgun

using shotshells only, or on licensed game

breeding and hunting preserve areas, on federally

owned and managed lands, on DNRowned,

-managed, -leased or -controlled

lands and areas operated under a Waterfowl

Hunting Area permit.

Still seems pretty vague to me. I emailed a few other sources asking for their answers. I'll post back up if I get any responses
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