Mo. River Valley / Basin Sportsmen Notice.

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Mo. River Valley / Basin Sportsmen Notice.

Postby feathhd » Fri Jan 17, 2014 12:29 am

Letter that was sent today to the River and Restoration Fund committee.

My name is Bill Smith from Sioux City Iowa. I wish to thank everyone on the Iowa Rivers Restoration & Recovery Committee for their efforts in moving this vital issue forward and closer to reality. I can tell you as a leader in the conservation community and as president of Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association that the work you are doing is vital to our states Economic future on so many fronts. I cannot stress enough the importance of your work and how vital this effort is to aid in the restoration and recovery of the number 1 most altered River in the nation and in the state of Iowa. The Mo. River. Upon request of the Committee I can testify before you the many issues that the Mo. River basin suffers from and prove to each and everyone how vital your efforts are in the potential recovery of this National Treasure that has been manipulated and treated as 1 big drainage ditch.

As a leader from the waterfowling community of western Iowa, we stand committed to assisting in this effort to assure that some of said revenues associated to this fund come to the region to address Restoration, Recovery and Habitat Enhancement along the Mo. River reach in Iowa.

In the state of SD the associated annual revenues linked to the Mo. River in their reach is nearly 100 million dollars a year. That is annual. To date in our state and along our reach of the same River, our annual economic revenues are 20 million annually. That is without question deplorable and we sure can do much better than that even with modest investment that works to improve our abilities to address future flooding issues.

We look forward to testifying before you if need be, we look forward to exposing specific needs of the Mo. River and it's associated ox-bows. There is simply so much opportunity for Economic growth and stability in the region but WE can't get there without your continued Support for the Iowa Rivers Restoration and Recovery Fund.

Again I thank you all.


William J. Smith
Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association
Sioux City Iowa
5309 hwy 75n lot 44

Attn Members and fellow Sportsmen along the Big Mo. River. Please take a few minutes to write in your own words the importance of this Committees work and what it would mean to our region in helping restore, enhance and recovery our regions greatest Natural Resource Asset. The Big Mo. River Basin. Spread the WORD!

Here is a list of legislative Contacts;,,,****,,,,,,

Good afternoon –

We are excited to report that the bi-partisan Iowa Rivers and Waterways Study Committee met this afternoon and unanimously agreed to adopt the following recommendations for next steps in developing a River Restoration Program for Iowa:
That DNR and IDALS, in collaboration with other involved entities, develop a plan that builds upon current and emergent efforts and related programs to identify and facilitate meaningful and effective river restoration priorities.

That DNR and IDALS continue to initiate and cooperate in demonstration projects with local landowners and watershed groups to provide examples of options and outcomes that could address a range of restoration needs and opportunities.

***There will be some minor additions to the narrative language, but overall the committee has unanimously adopted an abbreviated version of IRR’s recommendations.
Both the Senate and House will make recommendations within the Ag and Natural Resources Budget for an appropriation to fund this process. We will keep you informed of those proposals once they are presented to the Governor.

Please THANK the Iowa Rivers and Water Study Committee members for their interest and support of a River Restoration Program in Iowa. This is a huge win and step in helping to improve and enhance Iowa’s rivers and streams.


Rosalyn Lehman
Executive Director
Iowa Rivers Revival
PO Box 72, Des Moines, IA 50301
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