My last day, B-Day, with wife.

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My last day, B-Day, with wife.

Postby FreedomHunter » Mon Jan 27, 2014 6:56 am

So my wife woke up early Sunday morning to go duck hunting with me to see what the fuss was all about. She worked her but off the day before throwing a surprise party with about 40 people there. She baked all day, loaded up all my decoys and placed them in the yard at my moms house, and had everyone dress up in camo (which was funny to see). She catered to everyone there and just did more than I could ever ask for.

Back to the duck hunt story. So after that hard day she gets up at 3 am with me makes coffee and gets dressed in my deer hunting cloths for camo. After along car ride and a short boat ride she begins to help with the decoys in the dark. The sun was just breaking the horizon as a ruddy duck swam into the spread. I had been skunked the past two days so I decide to shoot the ruddy. She seems a little upset about the first dead duck, which was to be expected. The blue bills like to raft up in the middle of the lake and not fly at all, but I had found a place with a good tactic. I am set up about 600 yards from a boat ramp at the closest point sticking out in the lake. As the boats come out some of the ducks tend to fly up and see my smaller decoy spread maybe 25-27 decoys. Sometimes the birds commit sometimes they don't. Well yesterday the were committing! The ducks were flying into my two pods perfect landing in the clearing in the middle. Toward the end of the hunt my wife was the one standing up telling me to get'em . Her favorite shot was when a blue bill came screaming by about 50 mph and was shot about 25 yards up in the air. She is still talking about how awesome that bird was.

The day started out by her being a little upset about the first duck to her picking up the last three dead ducks up out of the water which is a big step for a non-hunter. She was also impressed to see how much effort there was into setting everything up and also cleaning up all the shotgun shells in the water.

Yesterday was my Birth Day and I received a wife that stated she wants to go out with me a lot more next year and may look into doing her hunting certification.

I am a happy man.
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Re: My last day, B-Day, with wife.

Postby Dep6 » Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:09 am

Way to go!! sounds like you got a keeper there!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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