What about Christie?

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Re: What about Christie?

Postby Glimmerjim » Sat Apr 05, 2014 4:31 am

SpinnerMan wrote:
dudejcb wrote:
SpinnerMan wrote:
Botiz630 wrote:Yeah, cleared by an investigation that he initiated. What a surprise!

Isn't that how it works today? :huh: Obama and Holder have cleared themselves of all kinds of things.

So Spinner, if I follow (and I do): you're going to invoke what, by your own admission, is in your opinion the lowest possible standard ever witnessed in US political history, as your standard when it serves you? What a convenient, disingenuous, and cheap turn of the table. Nice work! :clapping:

As usual. You do not follow. I was being sarcastic about the silliness and hypocrisy. Go back and look what I said about Christie earlier.

All of them should stay far from power. :thumbsup:

Obama because he is a serial liar at a minimum.

Holder because he lies to Congress and is a criminal at a minimum.
And replace them with whom?
Christie because he hired these types at a minimum. Is he corrupt like the other two I mentioned? I do not know. Time will probably tell, but he is too close to the corrupt political machine. Do I want to gamble that he was simply oblivious? :no:

However, how many people care about Obama, Holder, and Christie and want all three as far from power as possible? :huh:
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