Mute swan

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Mute swan

Postby AAR » Tue Feb 04, 2014 7:53 pm

I'm wanting to try and find a guide really anywhere there are wild mute swans. I live here in Corpus Christi so if somebody wanted to hunt different species out of my scull boat that could be a possibility. The main bird for this trek would be a mute, there are a could of odds and end species like eider, common merganser, to finish off the US list that if they were in the same areas as those but if not, get them some other time. I got my tundra few years back and always marvel at the size of the mute, they wouldn't let me shoot one in Scotland since they are the queens bird so be great to pop a few of her birds :beer: hopefully to add a trumpeter soon to make the trio of swans all hanging together.


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