Goey and Hayes questions

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Goey and Hayes questions

Postby Huntfish12 » Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:44 pm

Went to an outdoors show last week and got to try out some calls that I've never messed with at all .One was a Goey Swamp Laundry, and the other was one from the Hayes line up. i have tried a few of the hayes before and I liked em alot. Same goes with the Goey I just tried. Problem is, Ive got a drawer full of call parts, that have let me down over time from sticking to loosing tune and I dont want to add one more to the collection if I dont have too. I would say, i liked both the hayes and the Goey equally as far as how they run and sound. The Hayes call i tried, I think it was the Bawlin Chain, was your typical J-frame double with standard reeds and a rubber wedge, but the Goey Swamp Laundry had the reeds cut compleatly different, along with a rubber wedge. If someone has a picture of the Goey reeds, please post it, but they are cut in almost a triangle instead of the standard rectangle. I asked the guy what was up with this design, and he gave me a simple answer. Its less surface area for spit to build up and cause a sticking problem. Makes sense, but only time will tell. Hell, all those calls that are in my drawer didnt stick when they were new and look at em now...Anyway, I guess what im getting at is, has anyone had any experience with the Goey Swamp Laundy and how is it working for you today?

BTW, Please dont recomend a Echo this or Lares that. Got some of them too, just looking for info on the above.
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